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P+ Viva La Fiesta Colour Collection

P+ Viva La Fiesta Colour Collection

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Viva La Fiesta’s range of colors include bright corals, fuchsia pinks and terracotta neutrals that dazzle the eye and come together beautifully like the perfect party.  Creams, shimmers and sparkling glitters work together to paint the perfect fiesta scene, exploding with color and texture while remaining on-trend.

  • Maraca Mama: A dusty lavender with a touch of fine pink pearl shimmer. The pink pearl gives the lavender a light glow.  With movement and light, it gives the perfect color shift and is wearable with a wide variety of looks. Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Shimmer
  • Seriously Succulent: A fun creamy fuchsia with a hint of a purple hue. This cool-toned color is bright, but the purple tone gives adds depth and makes it very succulent—just like your Summer style. Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Flat/Cream
  • Agave: A muddled, creamy terracotta brown with a slight pink undertone.  This warm neutral  carries a ton of color while pairing well with almost any outfit! Coverage: Sheer, Effect: Flat/Cream
  • Hot as a Jalapeño: A hot coral orange with a tiny bit of subtle pearl shimmer.  This fun coral will spice up any summer Fiesta and puts your style over the top this Summer! Coverage: Opaque, Shimmer
  • Niña Bonita: A warm, creamy soft pink with lots of white in the background. If you look really closely, you can see a delicate pearl, but this is really a cream to most. If you love your light pinks, this will be a favorite to go with your light Summer looks! Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Cream with Hint of Pearl
  • Holy Guacamole: A bright blue-green teal. This fun-and-bold creamy Summer color leans a little more towards blue than green—perfect for your bright Summer styles! Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Flat/Cream


15ml bottles x 6

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