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P+ The Candy Shop Glitter Collection

P+ The Candy Shop Glitter Collection

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We invite you to enter The Candy Shop, the latest—and sweetest—on-trend collection by Light Elegance.  Sugary delights abound, with shades ranging from soft and succulent creams to puckeringly-bright glitters sure to touch every tastebud and complete every style.  Each candied color has been carefully crafted by the LE Color Team as part of this complementary palette designed to make palates water and clients smile with delight.

Let The Candy Shop sweeten your look with a range of colors that are anything but bland.  Dentists beware, The Candy Shop is one collection worth indulging in, and the toothbrush is sold separately!

“Nothing brings us more joy than having a bit of sugary sweetness in our lives, and the ultimate sweetener is The Candy Shop collection!  We know that you nail pros will have so much fun with this collection and color combinations that make delivering your client the ultimate sugar rush easy!” – Lezlie McConnell, Light Elegance Owner and Color Mother


  • Take Two, They’re Small: A soft, sweet mango with medium-sized gold, orange and yellow sparkles throughout. What softens this glittery look is a touch of pigment in the background that pops the glitter and makes Take Two, They’re Small wearable with a variety of styles. Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Glitter
  • Sugar Drop: Lemon drop martini in a Glitter Gel—what could be more fun? This bright yellow glitter flashes with light gold and yellow but is still soft and sweet enough to wear. Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Glitter
  • Sinfully Sweet: An iridescent glitter with a lot of flash. Sinfully Sweet is not too bold, and its large crystal pieces give it a soft, delicate look for soft Spring styles. Coverage: Semi-Sheer, Effect: Glitter
  • Bubblegum Baby: Small iridescent sparkles with translucent light pink pigment in the background make this Glitter Gel perfectly sweet for spring! Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Glitter
  • Pixie Purple: A jelly purple lavender mixed with small and large soft iridescent glitters throughout. The background has purple pigment lightly laced with fun glitters that are as sweet as candy! Coverage: Semi-Sheer, Effect: Glitter
  • Yummy Gummy: A true pastel pixie-blue Glitter Gel with lots of tiny firefly sparkles throughout. Pro Tip: One coat is soft and translucent, while two coats gives it a fun blue pop! Coverage: Semi-Sheer, Effect: Glitter
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