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Frangipani 3% in Jojoba Oil 12ml

Frangipani 3% in Jojoba Oil 12ml

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Botanical Name: Plumeria acutifolia

Common Method of Extraction: Solvent Distilled

Plant Part Typically Used: Flower

Color: Clear with a Tinge of Yellow

Consistency: Thin

Perfumery Note: Top – Middle

Strength of Initial Aroma: Stong

Aromatic Description: Fresh, woody, earthy, sweet.

Frangipani Essential Oil Uses: The oil is most valued not only for its deep and long-lasting fragrance, but also its deep cleaning properties that make it extremely useful for perfumes, skin creams, soap and lotions. It is added to shampoos, hair packs, conditioners and gels as an aromatic ingredient. You can use frangipani oil as a room fragrance — simply add a few drops to a spray bottle filled with distilled water, shake and spray all over the room for an invigorating fragrance. Frangipani oil relaxes nerves and muscles, and has aphrodisiac, astringent and purifying properties.

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