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ButterCream The Broadway Show Collection

ButterCream The Broadway Show Collection

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Light Elegance stars in The Broadway Show!

The colors this season are a touch on the dramatic and theatrical side— deep, rich, emotional and a little wild. There is nothing more festive and emotional than a Broadway play in New York. The theater is a place where we can experience so many different emotions; sadness, joy, empathy and love. We took all the emotions through theater and expressed them through the beauty of color.

The rich and dramatic colors will bring out all the various sides and dimensions of you. Now, as we present to you this beautiful act, we hope you as the audience will enjoy this show starring the Light Elegance – The Broadway Show Collection.

  • Break a Leg: This beautiful silver sparkle sits on a shimmery white background. The frosty white shimmer is extremely festive.
  • Curtain Call: A Winter red filled with lots of tiny gold and red sparkles. The sparkle sits on a bright raspberry red background.
  • Dress Rehearsal: A creamy, dark denim blue— or you could call it a muddled navy. A blue that is wearable for any occasion!
  • Please be Seated: A deep chocolate, brick brown. This rich brown has just a touch of red to make it creamy and luscious.
  • So Dramatic!: A vivacious purple plum. This purple has small and subtle fuchsia shimmer that dances throughout. Rich, sophisticated and fun!
  • Take a Bow: A creamy, taupe mauve. It’s a beautiful neutral with a touch of purple and grey undertones. Not really a purple, not a grey, but the perfect blend!

Light Elegance ButterCreams apply like nothing you’ve ever used before! Creamy smooth and opaque in a single thin coat. Use without agitation for fine line artwork or agitate to reduce the product viscosity and get a super smooth application that stays exactly where you apply it. Super tacky inhibition layer is perfect for foiling as well.

UV (2 minutes) and LED (30 seconds) curable in the LE LED Plus lamp.

5ml tubs x 6

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