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ButterCream LE Rocks Collection

ButterCream LE Rocks Collection

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What is better than pulling inspiration from natural surfaces, textures and nature all around you? The earth tones, browns and deep jewel tones of this collection were pulled from the natural surroundings of nature. The rough edges of a rock or crystal to the smooth surface of granite and stone. The trends are neutral but strong. The dark olive greens to the rich browns and burgundy’s you will feel the nature all around you. The cohesion of this collection is going to inspire beautiful artwork where the ideas are endless.

“I loved making something so gritty, rough and natural, such as Rocks, and turning them into something beautiful. Taking rocks and stones and creating something modern and clean was such a fun challenge. I was inspired by the earth tones and jewel tones and wanted to create something from nature, something raw and gritty and making it art”
Lexy McLellan

  • Can You Dig It? – This rich, creamy brown has just a hint of red to it. Can You Dig It? Is a lush, fall brown that could truly be worn all year-round! Cream/Opaque
  • I Lava You – A berry fuchsia with a vibrant pink shimmer. A beautiful fall fuchsia that will add some brightness to your day! Shimmer/Opaque
  • Perfect Cut – A deep, rich cranberry red. A burgundy red has a brightness that makes it the perfect transition color— a true powerhouse red! Cream/Opaque
  • Rock My World – A dark muddled olive green. This green has dark earthy undertones that are sophisticated and extremely sexy! Cream/Opaque
  • Stone Cold– A luscious, dark purple mixed with blue shimmer. The darkness of the purple allows the blue shimmer to dance across the nail. Sophisticated with a bit of fun! Shimmer/Opaque
  • Taken For Granite – A muddled, milk chocolate neutral. This color is smooth, rich and very creamy. A great color for year-round wear. Cream/Opaque

Light Elegance ButterCreams apply like nothing you’ve ever used before! Creamy smooth and opaque in a single thin coat. Use without agitation for fine line artwork or agitate to reduce the product viscosity and get a super smooth application that stays exactly where you apply it. Super tacky inhibition layer is perfect for foiling as well.

UV (2 minutes) and LED (30 seconds) curable in the LE LED Plus lamp.

5ml tubs x 6

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